Family Support

Family Support

Sincero family support is primarily based on helping both the addicted and their family members, as we understand that addiction will have an effect on everybody. Family members of the addicted will have their fair share of the problem due to frustration, exhaustion, stress and heartbreak, which could result from seeing their loved ones wasting away. In a few cases, some of the family members may also develop an equally damaging habit to cope with the issue, subsequently leading to more family dysfunctions.

Loss of loved ones to death, feeling of incompetence and irresponsibility, separation from loved ones or conflict in marriage could take a toll on anybody. Indeed, addiction to alcohol, gambling, sex or drugs is what most people often turn to when finding temporary solace from these issues and childhood trauma. At Sincero, we know the effect of addiction on the addicted and we are here to provide as much help as possible to ensure that the addiction is overcome and our clients and family can start the journey in recovery.

Family support and how we can help

From the time you book an appointment online to the moment your happy and addiction-free family is reestablished, Sincero treatment specialists will be your friends and guides during this delicate time of need to ensure that your family is fully rehabilitated and in recovery. If you care for home service, our specialists can also provide help for you in the comfort of your home without compromising your privacy

Whether you are an addict or just a friend or family member of the addicted, we are ready to walk you through the process, letting you know that the wellbeing of your family depends on the readiness of all the members to work together for the good of the family. Our approach involves all family members because we know that they are in the best place to help the addicted see the light at the end of the tunnel; this could be extremely helpful to the addicted in developing a good self-image and the feeling of being capable to cope with the issue.

Our goals with family support

The specialists at Sincero have developed systematic online therapeutic approaches to help addicts and their family members. The goals of our approaches are to find a better and stronger means of communication among family members, provide the basic skills required to deal with the problem and as a result, help the addicted to solve the issue of addiction. Our specialists also emphasize the importance of monitoring the addicted to ensure that total freedom from addiction is gained. This is done by our structured therapeutic aftercare services. As far as addiction is concerned, addicts need people to walk them through the unknown and fearful path of gaining freedom from addiction; hence, our specialists are here to work with the family members to provide the necessary family support.

Online booking

Book a online appointment with a family counselor by clinking here.It’s not your legacy to bury your child. Or your brother. Or your husband. Addiction goes far beyond just the addict and can infect the entire family ecosystem. Our treatment of the family begins the moment you make the call and we set you up for a online appoitment or meet you in your home. Whether you’re the family member or the addict our Sincero treatment specialists will walk with you through the fire to get to the freedom on the other side. We know first-hand that dealing with addiction and mental health issues as a family member is often stressful, frustrating and emotionally painful.
The internal dynamics of the family system can produce and sustain problematic behaviors in family members. All family therapy approaches are designed to help families improve communication, problem-solving, and coping skills, and enhance their sense of connection to one another.

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